Tai Chi up north

Hi, Welcome to my new site! I have lots of different material I will be uploading over the coming months. Please let me know what you like! As you can hear from my reel I do a lot of different kinds of music. Have fun checking out my growing archive of music I've recorded over the years.

I recently composed the theme tune for "My Neighbor is a Ninja", coming in 2016. When it is out I'll post clips and links. I'll talk about some other projects on my next post.

On Sunday Jo and I went to a jam brunch that was beautiful. Lots of good food and I got to meet and play with some fine musicians. Bit of R n B, the Blues, some Jazz. Fantastic! Thanks for inviting me Cam. Thank you Beth and Sam for having us.

Other than music, I have been loving walking around the lakes, and still read just about anything. For the first time in my life we have a garden, and it seems I have a very green thumb. My green beans were massive, and we are just finishing off the tomatoes and carrots.

For those of you who have wondered where I have been, forgive me for being so quiet these last few years. My partner Jo and I moved back to Minneapolis in 2012. After twenty five years in England it has taken me a while to readjust. I have been helping my parents, meditating, doing a lot of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, working on new material, practicing, and exploring what it is to be alive. But I am ready to rumble and look forward to hearing from you.

Music without Love is just noise! Love yourselves and each other.

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Excerpt from St Paul Ballet Carmen , a feature length ballet performed at the O'Shaughnessy  Theater.

Choreography Zoe Henrot.

Music by RichardErickson